Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Nachum Segal Interviews Country Yossi & Heshy Walfish

Nachum Segal Interviews Country Yossi and Legendary Heshy Walfish. They discuss the new album release:  Country Yossi Rides Again, the first one in 20 years! The 14 song collection  is truly the magnum opus of the legendary Yossi Toiv/Heshy Walfish collaboration! It features many unique, original compositions, ranging from Gemarah Agadata and Midrashim set to music (Rav Shmuel and the Myrtle twig, Elan Elan, I AmThe Flower) to hilarious parodies of such Pop classics as Soldier Boy (Shabbos Goy), Oh Carol (Oh Yankel) and Kokomo (Boro Park)  You'll plotz when you hear this one !. And as an added bonus track, child prodigy Yehuda Turner belts out a CY original Poseiach Es Yudecha that will blow you away! In case you are not familiar with Heshy Walfish he was one of the original members and piano player for the wedding band known as  "The Messengers". 

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