Sunday, July 27, 2008

Coming Soon: Jewish Music Interview: Yitzy Spinner

Yitzy Spinner has graciously agreed to be interviewed by yours truly. If you have any questions you would like to pose this new singing sensation, feel free to email me.


JoeFlix said...

Just emailed Yitzy and Ill just tel you what I told him: Im very very excited about this interview.

But it comes with a big BUT: Make sure its not this same old same old cheesy boring country-yossi interview

Talk of real people, real stories, real numbers, real problems, etc etc. Say something negative about someone (Lol) etc etc

Talk from the heart and let the chips fall!

Jewish Blogmeister said...


deena said...

just saw this site now. hope its not too late...YEAH YITZY! wat a stunningly beautiful, crystal clear voice! from his(your) #1 fan and the head of his(your)fan club!! deena