Monday, June 2, 2008

New Kosher Restaurant to Hit 5 Towns: Tea for Two

Another imported restaurant is making it's way to the 5 towns (Cedarhurst, NY). I'm speaking of Tea for Two and who currently has 2 dairy restaurants in Brooklyn: Tea for Two and Tea for Two Lite and one in Florida: Tea for Two South. They have recently opened a grill in the Marine Park section of Brooklyn: T Fusion steakhouse. I have personally eaten at both Dairy locations in Brooklyn and their food is quite good. You can therefore understand I was happy to hear about their new location: Tea for Two on the Island which will be opening where Occasions ( formerly the Cedar Club and Abigail's) currently resides. Considering the size of this location it should have plenty of room and will certainly be competing on some level with Pescado, Central Perk Cafe , Mom's Pastries and Ruthie's. Certainly it may be a bit pricier than some of it's potential competition but it will be in a similar category in relation to it's menus of pasta dishes. Stay Tuned...

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