Friday, June 27, 2008

Jewish Music Videos: Moshe Yess-Zady

Moshe Yess is one of those classic vocalists/musicians in Jewish music. His voice is so clear with a beautifully distinctive quality that my ears perk up any time I hear him. Perhaps yours will too when you hear him performing live with the Miami Boys choir singing his signature song: "Zady" with star soloist Eliezer Rabionwitz.


Chaim said...

can you make these screens not be widescreen? it's very distorted.

Jewish Blogmeister said...

any better now?

Yehuda said...

Wow...I never saw images of Moshe Yess, I think I now know why...But that aside, he was truly am inspiration growing up, especially in the Marvelous Middos Machine ("The name is Doomshtein, not Doomsbaum!!").
Such a pity that he lost a sizeable pice of his sanity.