Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Well it seems it's a trend: Dougies BBQ and Grill of the 5 Towns is closing it's doors. I thought something was a bit fishy when I went in about 3 weeks ago and they were not accepting credit cards (usually a sign a restaurant is on it's way out). They claimed the system was broken but I didn't really buy it. There have been rumors floating for some time that they might be going under and now it's official.The original Dougies location on 72nd St had closed a while back and some people were surprised. Perhaps with franchises opening in Brooklyn and Queens people no longer needed to travel into the city for their signature fire poppers etc.. If you are wondering what will be with their location we have the inside track: Carlos and Gabbys will be taking it over! The question is what will happen with Carlos and Gabbys location and that remains to be seen.

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