Thursday, June 12, 2008

Bar Mitzvah Video: Yehoshua Solomon: Avrohom Fried

Over the years many keyboardists have graced the Live Jewish Music scene. This eventually gave way to the famous "one-man-band" concept which has thrived within the Jewish community. I have performed with many of them. Few however have the understanding musically of a young talented performer: Yehoshua Solomon. He is one of the most sought after performers in this arena because of his musical prowess and his great vocals. Here is a short clip of him performing live with Avraham Fried and a young boy singing the famous yiddish tune :Oifen Pripitchik


Anonymous said...

Thanx for posting this, dude!!

Anonymous said...

Actually, this was at the Sinai Academy chinese auction. Not a Bar Mitzvah.