Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Jewish Music Review: Siman Tov Mazal Tov

I found out about the sameach music's release of siman tov mazal tov here. After reading the post I decided to get a copy and after listening to it extensively I'm really happy I did. Firstly I truly enjoyed the song selection. Secondly this double album is action packed with 72 simcha and party songs ranging from Israeli to sephardic to chassidic to yiddish and it also features the hit dance song "numa numa". I was told the numa numa song all started with this viral video with over 14 million views, which is quite amusing. This album will make you feel like you just attended a wedding in the 80's and if you love song like these how elese could you get such a compilation? The songs were totally rearranged and feature the usual suspects (musicians) from Israel who performed flawlessly. Danny Flam leads the brass section here as well. In my humble opinion this production by Shliome Zieger is a home run and the song choices are great and fun to listen to. He chose to go with the vocalists that started it all back then:Shlomo Haviv, Avrumi Weisberger, Ari Pollack, Yoel Sharabi, Sandy Shmuely, Roni Ben-Haim, Avner Levy, Gershon Veroba and Meir Sherman. If you really enjoy listening to what I like to call " Jewish Israeli Standards" this is the album for you and it makes a great gift. Rating : 5 stars!

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